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The process of becoming an apprentice

Karen Rowe, the Arkansas Fish & Game Commission falconry coordinator, posted this progression on how to become an apprentice falconer on the Arkansas Hawking Association forum back in July 2012.  It sums up the process well I think.  It can probably be safely followed in most of the US.

1.  Learn all you can about the sport and be sure you can make the time and money committment [SIC].
2.  Find a sponsor.
3. Complete the application from the falconry coordinator – its also on the AHA website. Get your sponsor’s signature on it.
4. Mail application with sponsor’s signature on it to falconry coordinator.
5.Study for the test
6.Meet with your sponsor and discuss the test
7.Study some more
8. Meet with your sponsor
9. Study some more
10. Call falconry coordinator and make arrangements to take test during business hours at nearest AGFC regional office.
11.  Take test and pass
12.  Build facilities and meet with sponsor on improving them, make improvements.
13.  Meet with sponsor and make equipment, consult with sponsor on where to purchase additional equipment.
14.  Contact Falconry Coordinator and make arrangements for inspection.
15.  Pass inspection, purchase falconry license from AGFC office in Little Rock.

I’ll go into details of the most process, such as finding a sponsor, where to find books and literature to study from, and taking the test in later posts.

I don’t have any photos that are particularly relevant to this, so here’s a picture of an ornate hawk eagle, a raptor native to the tropical Americas, and my new favorite raptor.


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