Online resources

Here are some links to other falconry blogs and websites.


The Modern Apprentice – an excellent website with a lot of resources for the apprentice falconer.

Forums/Message boards

North American Falconers Exchange –  You have to make a profile to post, but a lot of people use the boards and there is a load of information here.

Apprentice Falconry Forum – You have to make a profile to post.  Generally useful for apprentices.

International Falconry Forum – I’ve never posted here, but it seems pretty good.

Species specific information

Merlin Falconry – Lots of information about trapping and training merlins

Afterthoughts on Flying Kestrels – by Matt Mullenix, some thoughts on kbirds a few years after he wrote “American Kestrels in Modern Falconry”

Kestrelfans Yahoo Group – List serve for people flying kestrels

Blogs and personal websites

Little Mews on the Prairie -blog by Dan and Ryan

As the Falcon, Her Bells – blog by Stephen

Phoenix Fire Falconry – blog by Caroyln

Chuck’s Falconry – blog by Chuck

Steve Bodio’s Querencia – Falconry related posts sprinkled in with other interesting topics

Toby Bradshaw’s Hawking and Falconry Website – focuses mostly on Harris hawks and jack hawking

Steven’s Hawking Page – UK hawking


Davidson Falconry – general falconry supplies; very nice hoods for fairly cheap and very nice giant hoods

Western Sporting – general falconry supplies, large selection of hard-to-find books

Northwoods Falconry – general falconry supplies

Mike’s Falconry – general falconry supplies

Falcon Products USA – general falconry supplies

Karen Rose Falconry – general falconry supplies

Pineo Falconry – general falconry supplies

John Graham BC traps – BC traps for sale.  It’s easy enough to make your own, but maybe you’ve got more money than time.  The traps do look very well made.


Marshall Radio Telemetry – Telemetry equipment.  I know a lot of falconers who swear by Marshall equipment.

Merlin Systems – specializing in small transmitters for Merlins and other small birds, also carries receivers and dog supplies


Cedar Valley Hoods – Dutch, Indian, Merlin/kestrel hoods

Cyrus hoods

Desert Dragon Falconry – Dutch, Slip-On, Anglo-Indian and Desert Hurr hoods

Falconry Hoods International – Khan, Dutch, RT hoods

Hawkhill hoods – Anglo-Indian hoods

Hoods of Distinction

Proctor Dutch Hoods – Dutch hoods

Raptor Art Unlimited – Dutch hoods

Ray Gilbertson – Dutch Hoods

Tait hoods


American Falconry

Breeders (USA)

*Note* I have never bought a captive bred bird, nor dealt with any of these breeders, and thus cannot endorse anyone on this list.  Use at your own risk.

Alaska Falcons – Gryfalcons (white and silver)

American Gyrs – Gryfalcons, peregrines (Peales), hybrids, and goshawks (Russian)

Black Gyrs – Gryfalcons (black). Associated with Pacific Northwest Falcons.

Bolton Anatum’s – peregrines (anatums)

Carol Speegle – Black gyr x prairie hybrids

Crystal Mountain Falcon Farms – Gyrfalcons, gyr hybrids

Hollister Longwings – Gryfalcons, peregrines (Peales, anatums), hybrids, goshawks (Finnish, Russian), European sparrowhawks

Eurasian Eagle Owls – Eurasian eagle owls

Falcon Ridge Farms – Gry hybrids, lanner falcons, saker falcons, peregrines (Peales, anatums), prairie falcons – Gyrfalcons, Aplomados

Iowa Avian Resources – Gryfalcons

Jungemann Merlin Hybrids – Merlin hybrids

Kenny Sterner – Black gyr hybrids

Kitzman Goshawks – Goshawks (northern)

Mark Maxcy – Goshakws (northern)

North Woods Falcon Ranch – Aplomado falcons, Gyrfalcons (White, Silver, Grey, Dark and possibly Black), peregrines (Peales, anatums), Gyr x peregrine hybrids, Harris hawks

Northern Accipiter Research Project – Goshawks, Sharp-shinned hawks

Pacific Northwest Falcons – Gryfalcons, gry hybrids

Radium Falcon Farm – Gryfalcons (white, grey), peregrines (Peales, anatums), prairie falcons

Robinson Goshawks – Goshawks (northern)

Skychase – Gryfalcons, Gry x peregrine hybrids

Sky King Falcons – Gryfalcons, peregrines (??)

Sullivan Mews – Gryfalcons, Peregrines (anatums)

Three Pines Anatums – Peregrines (anatums). Site not updated since 2001

Woods Falcon Farm – Peregrines (anatums, fijian, macropus, Peales)

Vic Hardaswick – Gryfalcons, Goshawks (Finnish, Russian), peregrines (Peales, anatums)

Goshawk breeder list – list of goshawk breeders.  Many only provide email without a website

NAFA breeders list

Falconry Canada USA breeders list – Many of the links are broken and many breeders are listed only as email contacts.  May be worth checking some of them out though.


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