Mews modifications

The untreated plywood I used for the mews roof developed some black mold on the underside this summer.  I thought it would last at least two years, but I guess with the spring rains it got wet and didn’t dry fast enough.  On the suggestion of some other falconers I switched to a tin roof.  It’s $25 or more a sheet new, but after posting an add on Craistlist I found some used sheets for $10 a piece.  Three of the sheets were quite rusty on one side, so  I spent a few hours with the angle grinder knocking the rust off.  I also painted the sheets to stop further rust development.

20140910_182025 resize

Removing the rust. You can see the section at the top that I’ve already worked on and the still rusty section at the bottom.

I had to add additional roof beams to the mews as the sheets are only 2′ wide, not 4′ like the plywood was.  I used two L-brackets, one per side, on each end of each 2×4 to secure the beams.  The roof tin went up relatively quickly and without hassle.

20140920_190016 resize

New metal roof. I wonder if the next bird will like the sound of rain on a tin roof as much as I do.

I also added some vents to the high side of the walls right under the roof.  Changing from wood to metal should take care of all the mold problems, but the extra ventilation can’t hurt.

20140920_190043 resize



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