Group helps disabled veterans via falconry

This is really neat, I’m glad I found it on Memorial Day. I wish there were more details on the linked site.

SALT LAKE CITY – It can be difficult for veterans to adjust to civilian life, and a local program helps disabled veterans find solace through a unique form of therapy.

The group Wings of Valor pairs veterans with falconry practitioners, who teach the soldiers their craft.

Veteran Roger Johnston said spending time with Freya the falcon has proved better for him than diversions like golf or fishing.

“You’re training, you’re doing things and it keeps your mind busy,” he said. “And it’s calming and those types of things, no different than equine therapy or dog therapy. Those guys don’t do those things on their own, they still are working with a therapist.”

The program is looking for more veterans who wish to try falconry. Click here for more information.

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