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While searching for a copy of  Liam McGranaghan’s “The Red-tailed Hawk: A Complete Guide to Training” I stumbled across an American Rifleman magazine (August 1965) on eBay.  The cover was a jessed red-tailed hawk.  It was going for nearly $10, more than I was willing to pay with shipping on the chance that the cover corresponded to an article in the magazine.  I checked the University of Arkansas library on the off chance they had it and lo-and-behold they’ve got every American Rifleman from 1945–1990.  I found the particular month I needed, but unfortunately there was no falconry article.  It was just the cover and a brief description of the photo on the inside of the cover.


American Rifleman, August 1976, cover

IMAG3611-1The brief note seems fairly disparaging about red-tails, as even though it is used to take game it is “comparatively slow, attaining speeds of approximately 50 m.p.h.”.  Funny how almost fifty years later many falconers have found the red-tail to be an excellent game hawk.  I was also surprised that only five states allowed falconry in 1965.  No wonder all of the stories from that time come out of California.


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