Just a quick note.  I took Ogedei to the nearest avian vet (1.5 hours away) this morning.  His mutes are worm and parasite free.  I really should have done it within a week of trapping him but Christmas came up and work piled up after we got back.  At least he wasn’t carrying an infection this whole time.



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2 responses to “Worm-free

  1. you might think about using a local vet for fecal smears, one that’s worked with parrots. Saves you a long trip. just a thought….

    • I’d like a local vet in case of emergencies. The one I went to was the closest avian vet my dogs’ vet could find when I asked if they would deal with a bird.

      I’m also trying to find out how to do fecal smears myself. I have slides and a compound microscope, I imagine its pretty easy. Wouldn’t diagnose specific parasites but I could probably determine if parasites are present.or not and if a vet trip is needed.

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