Mews III

Mews I, Mews II

The mews is coming along, albeit slower than I’d like.  The wall panels are all assembled and the last few are being painted.  I’m shooting to have some guys over next week or weekend to help me bolt the walls together – I’m sure beer and burgers will be a suitable bribe offer to get them to come over.  I should probably decide on the floor substrate sometime soon….


We got a second car – a Hyundai Santa Fe – as I’ll be using our first car for hawking when I finally get a bird. Oh, and the whole baby thing will probably happen sooner rather than later, so we needed a vehicle with more space. It was pretty nerve wracking driving 50 mph down a major road with only a set of ratchet straps holding three sheets of plywood in the back.

I should admit before someone catches it that I’m an idiot.  The main room of the mews where the bird will live needs to be 8′ x 8′.  In my head I planned on having two 4’x8′ panels side by side on the front and back walls (making an 8′ x 8′ wall) and one panel for each side wall.  That obviously only makes a 4′ x 8′ x 8′ room, but I didn’t catch that for some reason.  Now the big problem is that the side walls have a slope to them, a 1′ drop for every 4′ to be exact, so I couldn’t just build the extra panels and put them in.  I therefore decided to extend the back side of the mews up to 9′ and had to construct 1′ x 4′ spacers for the back wall and sloped spacers for the side walls to make up the extra room.


Spacers being constructed.


I rained today and I was forced to paint inside. I’m basically out of floor space in the garage and have some panels I haven’t started painting yet.


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